If you haven’t noticed

Automattic lost, through attrition, my entire life’s work. There is no story you like! No reaction f! No delicccious Pics! Thanks to the not-Kristen Beck transgender …thing and the great family I’m from not only is it irrecoverable the “intrernet” wants to invoice me.

Fuck you Hope Center Covenant Church and all that have tithed.

IDF! Turn in the binos.

Rangers, God Bless ‘em, use those optics to make the Air Force do their job.

“Listen. If you want funding from my anything you have to throw me some real intel. Hard stuff, gentlemen.”

“Uh,” said one in a faux-panic, “they Arabs are often unkind. We are landlocked!”

“It’s verified. Weapons and capital! 48.”

My plan

I don’t know what to tell you, sir. Members of the company and the other-I-wish-people-would-stop-looking-over-my-shoulder holster know that my interests in the CENTCOM, which it shall always be until cleared otherwise, are benevolent and close to the heart.

An OPERTION POPEYE type emulsion performed in a cost-efficient campaign from leftover Indochina II ordinance funding bedrock or a suitable Haliburton dot us joint Saudi bin Laden group building project which mollified the naysayers in the Syrian civil war.

And, although I’m aware of philitripic (sic) means the opposite of business, some such thing will allow -possibly- Yemen to lay down there arms and see the strength of the Moslim.

Let’s render the appropriate response

For SGT Leandro Jasso.

Remember! The service person of the Afghan and other fighters unit is not your enemy, and does not rate anything but professionalism.

He’s up there, right now with our Lord God in heaven hoisting one with the likes of Dan Daly, Audie Murphy, and Smedly Butler.

Is it Smedley with an “E?” Who knows. They are drinking.