“You want to buy yellow dog. Yellow dog 5 Bills. And 100 round barrel magazines. Yes. Forty-five caliber Automatic Colt Pistol. MacGregor clan of Scotland, honkie. This is chess, not checkers.” -Apple Inc. surmising Blackkklansmen while Spike Lee suck starts RV, or recreational vehicle

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“Real warriors guess.” “Aww,” I said, then pointed at Swingley, “Swingly, here.” The switch blade was full of Mercury. “Token’s.” Matthew Stone. sawbuck!

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Hey, two more, said the elephant.

“And who might this be!” I beamed. Grinning ear to ear. “Swanky. CW Swanky,” I said, dismissing myself to kinko’s. For another manilla folder, as I had fcked up, early in my career. “Well. I’m a pachyderm.” Obvious. Why would anyone want nasty, manhandled information, compartmentalized, instead of fresh, organic information- “Three fingers!” “You first, […]

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It’s the emotional charge. You can always tell. When you look up. You can see it, in the designs of the ceiling lights. Sure, you can talk about how human beings are designed to see something shining, to find clear water, or eveolved to taste salt. “But the east bay,” I mutter to myself, “that’s […]

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Dear Taya, You. Universal, with the exception of Paramount’s Great Marine world, Vallejo. Kidding! You’re my Miss Sunshine. Mr. Arkin? I’dpay to see a judge officate that teacher’s little pagent sister. “I’d pay for a night with Jennifer.” Peevey! I will throw you right out Miss Mabel. “I think I need a helmet.” GREEN

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“Hah! Backed by the Emirates. If you don’t exchange these, then tomorrow I will return with another group of Veterans!” Was I speaking to Santa Claus? Hey, private escort. Secret Service? Must be. “And! We, that we will only speak Deutch. To their leaders vengeful scheme its going to rain like cats. and dogs!” I […]

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We’ll bee right back

I had a flash back. Universal City and Barbarianism. Boo! Wait, I said, on record, and aloud, that’s not me. Dear Taya, Ive bern busting my ass this morning but thanks to more compact devices and networking it looks and feels like ive been faux-dealing drugs TI-86 all day, calculas books makeshifting a creel, moonlighting […]

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The battlespace is conquered, please. Call back Ba’al. The Mister! Huah! Fight. Flee. Or die

The Minister perished shortly of heart failure thereafter. Dear Taya, I’m much like Michael Scarn and Holly, a dork who qualified for the cup and can be overly silly. To a fault, as two voicemail gags attracted broadcasters who soon will face the chsllenge of besting the hundred meter rule. Not another. In all seriousness, […]

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You brought Washington to life!

“General Washington. Mr. Secretary- sir! Hows your troops and territory? “Richmond seems to have beef. With Concord.” “Thats my end.” Missing scene. “No, Seth. Seth! Heroin.” “I’m from Massachusetts, you will have to give me a minute, thirty seconds.” “No. I. Love. You.” “My conduct has been, and remains, above and beyond reproach.” “Its, a […]

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Look. Across the fo’scle.

“Cigar man,” lever-action, the sound accompanied a cycled round for his rifle, up the ranp silently, chambered, then locked, amid glowing orange cherry and whiskers, ash, donincan and fallen seen wafting from a tired notchriskyle face, his SF bantam book the greatest of all time, “can you hit him! That one, the window washer! Can […]

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Dearest Taya I know this may be a bit from the nether and unknown yet hopefully not yet unwelcome

Actions speak more than eloquence stood against all and familiarity, any familiarity would unhamper any discussion conducive to aims befitting us both, but know its not for trying and the actions to come are not maliciois and earnest in aims, time is against me at the moment. Soon, nothing unsavory more will unfold. Like a […]

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Go, Pack. Go! Go, Pack.

Dearest Taya, I’ve never been to Green Bay. But I’ll always remember Favre’s longbomb late in his career, “it fell out of the sky ladies and gentlemen!” Like I’ll always remember “Jeez Laweez,” in your book, ’cause i say it, too. Except, “Jeez Laweez kabottle kabeez.” I’ll remember that cat owes me fifty. After NLCS. […]

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You. Owe. Me. Zuckerberg. “Hi, Mrs. Zuckerberg!” I say, chipper. “He is,” I continue, “that son of a jerk! Okay. Muah, he should be nicer to your side of the family. Mother-in-law.” “Hey,” says Mr. Ed, “at least someone has a Horse.”



“Fine,” I yelled, sounding just like a bitch, “I’m going!” Simon said nothing. “I’m going to play Turbo-grafx 16,” I said, concluding, “sweaty.” Dad landed. “Simon. Other Simon.” he spoke, greeting them. “I’m putting a hard deadline on this as it’s so out of theme.” “But dad,” Simon said, “dad!” Duckman was on. USA Network. […]

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Soup For Cans

I remember. When I saw the tablets? It was on television. It was the first time I’d ever seen animation of that type. In fact, according to The Book of Mormon, I presume, it is the worlds first “animation,” and when I saw it summed up or surmised on “South Park,” I knew three things. […]

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Dear Fraudulent Idiots,

Not only was and or is the firefighters fund managed well, and with good intent, it is morons like O.F. who do not comprehend the principle, as in a person VIP, but rather the money, which you can’t take with you, CPA, which is not people. Is why the romance is halted until further notice. […]

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State your name

When I was that age i fell in love- with make a wish in Disney. One bear jamb. AMERICAN BEUATY “Hi. I am a Marine, queer! And the only survivor.” “I smoke. Kent’s.”homer TAKE 2 When I was that age i fell in; love with another make a wish in Disney. One bear jamb.“

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Dear Huntress

I know. But the Hunstman has sea duty. I have to catch this man. I have to catch this These. All of POLICE CALL.I’d never have the fortune to choose the likes of me Searching for two among three One a mated set for life the other A friend A hand to hold One to […]

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You’re back in the Marines, now! And time pt. 6

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD “Don’t smoke. Don’t smoke. Don’t smoke. Don’t smoke. Backdraft, again!” Meeting Rob Reiner. “Boo! Conan,” she was wound up like a howler, “Boooo! Conan!” Was he in the outfield, now: Arsenio. “Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!” Backlot tour. “Let’s ride this newest one. Again and again until someone’s angered to wait in the […]

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I’m thinking of you. Even when preoccupied with. Job! In the heat of the night! In the dark of the night. There is a US Marine, and he’s looking for a fight! In the cold of Korea under ten feet of snow! There is a US Marine! And you know he’s good to go. In […]

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Long night of knives’

“Okay. Okay!” The IBM electronic typewriter hung hipside. There were five of us. Seth was on the phone. One, who’s name I’m brain farting on, was adjusting the Combined Arms Center. He was a Navy SEAL. “Okay, your going to make me climax! Just put on flared trousers, white ones. And I’m finished!” He was […]

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“I’m set for casting. Catch a role,” clicked the Komodo Dragon. “Crime epic,” still, lethargic, basking in reflective pre-glory, it communicated, “a perfect three peace button man. Wardrobe!” “You a dumbass,” I said, “cold-blooded, moron lizzard.” “The only! You haven’t eaten in six years.” “Look who’s talking.” said Turbo. “That’s it,” I replied, “these are […]

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I ran into a real VIP today. I was fairly certain it was the real President Carter. Yes, it is always proper to refer to any current and living President as Mr. President, and or “Sir!” Then, I was almost certain I saw Sergeant Major Richard M. Synovec. Who, I am positive, is the inspiration, […]

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In the event of my death or disappearance Alexandra Elza, Briggite Moyal and one Candace Clemons, all single, only one married with two dependents, who is not only not my wife, not married so far as I know, but I, Robert LeVeck Black, have no intent of marriage with any of the three, and they […]

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WASPs lived in Bill Watterson’s world. Smedley and I would compete to be as Calvin as possible, but only because my parents didn’t arrive via convoy hands in the cookie jar.

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For those boys, those Army Soldiers, who lay in Arlington, and knows the most sacred markers are on the Normandy beach, the South East Asian Jungle, and Embassys everywhere.

The word “Army,” and the very concept there of, belongs to the U.S. Army. There are more things in heaven and earth than you ever dreamed of, Horatio. However, any profession of arms will be and is forever associated with you, and your efforts every day to protect the U.S. Constitution and improve, it’s capital, […]

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Perhaps its a repost. But seeing as the bloated corpse of J. Edgar Hoover has …well. Its sitting there. Feels good. Feels great! Mile 8. Mile 9. Record time! Mile ten. Lets do it again. Mile one. Its just for fun! Mile two! Just for you.

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You’re Back in the Marines, now! And in time! Pt 6

Chapter: THE ROUND TABLE O’ HILLAH Starring: Runia as Abraham Lincoln “Who threw that. That table,” said Brass, “time time to throw! No.” “No,” concurred the other, elbows tucked. Twisting his upper body in an aggressive rotate. “Battle pitch.” “PT?” “Old fashioned way. Everyday. “Half and half for $20 The Marine way.” They rolled to […]

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A: “But a Committee for Cali State Security meeting called me on coroner.” Q: Dear Taya, I could let Teddy KGB Eat Oreos all day. muah. -Robert You a dumbass Komodo dragon. I dont care. I don’t! Even with tenure. This photo a duplicate? Opus



I’ll never forget the concourse, elated knowing if none comes to near and I’m to give all I’m secured in a life worth the breath of Great Lakes and opportunity to encounter so near, forever richer in her words spoken and writ and that life? perhaps more no spite if less; blessed.

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Abololitionists v The Able

Deep within a cave such as the fictional “Temple of Doom,” are people of color and one of authority. One not wealthy, nor virtuous, but with a cane altogether different from the decorative canes and gilded woodwork of the well-to-do, the educated of a caste if not born unto, barreled toward the display of the […]

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Dad, transcribed whilst dancing with younger sister, many years

“Of course. Of course, Janice. Mean old grandad goin’ come at me.” Both subjects of observation formerly rural capitol, later suburban/urban citizens. “That’s what I call him. I got kids. You got chillun’! Children. Without grandad passive aggressive with the peterbilt. Of course he is! But I still love you. And him. No favorites.”Pictured next […]

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Thar be dragons

“You two crazy ass, jarhead supposed-ta-be-guarding Abe at Comic-Con Jarheads! Eating Tasmanian Devil.” Later, after that old man left or was murder-killed, they’d death the ground into fighting holes. Improvised. “Eating ass first!” “What’s your fucking question.”

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Here be dragons

“Come on! Come on,” communicated an inept, near-famished Komodo Dragon. “Come on!” It wavered back and forth laterally and impatient, and as it gestured toward the crippled waterbuffalo was akin to a stupid giant lizard. They all were. “No,” said another, “we were in a movie. Let’s learn, and renegotiate! When camera’s off.” “I don’t […]

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Dear Taya, I do not understand people. If you think about it, the stolen valor act essentially states one cannot steal valor, it being perfectly legal to wear uniform items so long as not trying to curry favor in court or collect veterans benefits. The only medal that has monetary value is the MOH, and […]

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Homer Johnston, United States Army and Longrifle for unit codenamed RAINBOW redeployed. Back from his native northwest, he caught a shuttle back to Rainbow HQ. Dossier for Simulated General Clark in hand, he looked up at the monitor hoping for the days events, summarized for this side of the pond. DIETER’S HERITAGE

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June 1998

Homer Johnston, USA walked out of the locker rooms, and toward his workspace as a compatriot swept all files across a meeting table, and into the trash. “Oh, yeah. Sweet,sweet bird,” said the Helicopter Pilot, a Marine reading “Field and Stream.” And, adjacent to a pre-gear load room, into the trash. Oso kicked his feet […]

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It’s not the Jetstons. Dad took the STOL to work, every day.

Softly humming the main title theme to “Indiana Jones,” the orange Dodge Aries returned that evening. “Simon,” He said said to my brother, as he passed Turbo, as well, “other Simon.” Turbo. He was a stoaway, in the mid-nineties, and at this point? He knew it! Stephen “Turbo” Tuboz wasn’t here to “protect lil bobby,” […]

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Don’t worry. Morons! Refusing to teach, Alex “Big Al,” Black and Bestie “Brig means Prison for Marines” Rohan-Daughter…

Terrorize my mother. “Is he dead yet!” “I’d kill him for that.” “Why does Mom get to speak!” Also? Extortion 17. Why stop. You both party hard. Girls. ••• Gremlin. “Grimm-Lin!” [1.] a gremlin denoting a mischievous creature that sabotages aircraft originates in Royal Air Force (RAF) slang in the 1920s among the British pilots […]

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When depleted disposed of properly, followed by the best cia movie post locemaking Wild 99 T cali style. cia movie The Great Outdoors. With bonus Reacher short: “How did Taya’s (me!) get kicked (out; banned, ejaculated from city paid community funding pre-public educational system [1.]) from Kindergarten?” We took notes. Breaks. No animals were harmed […]

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Purchase “See No Evil” by Bob Baer available at fine booksellers everywhere

“What’s behind your back?” “Aw, shucks.” “Bob. What is it? “I can’t be passin’ notes in class!” “You’re right. Wait!” “Yessir?” “What’s at your six!” “My Grandmother? Not well.” “So sorry to hear. Is it for Mary?” “No.” “Is it for Maggie?” “No!” “She should know! Training for- goddamnit! Candidate Baer, what is behind your […]

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When my father married

They said -the old guard, that is- said, “Where. Where! Off. Gone! It is gone, just like that. Missing. Hah. Hah! Yes, like a gremlin! “Flew off! Bastard. The air strip. What, are you mad? You can’t be. No! You cannot. “That gremlin? He gone. He’s left. Do inventory after flight ops. You’ll never see […]

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Dear Taya

I did not like anyon what the last post was. You know who did! Family. “Oh yeah looks like shit.” “Shows he’s doing this. Suspect location?” “That could be our money! Stealing, no! Exporting him via valor then shame.” “It is our careers! Duel voltron references? Two mangas, lots of italics! Bold. Looks ‘high’ Christ! […]

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Move. Simon!

“And that’s it,” he enquirer of his Assistant Chris, and the imterloper who hadn’t said anything in a bit, “just the Tenderloin?” “No,” said Jay, “Grove. Right? “The whole thing. Guys! It’s experimental. Theoretical! The guys a Navy guy. Up and comer. He just-” Dad waved him off. “All this thing is is a one […]

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Please have hard labor affairs in order in quarters hard labor

The Genie’s Romp and Arleigh Burke’s man submit yet again remittance for illicit training and funds misappropriated by fifth Marine Regiment. Mental Anguish training echelon rematch Instructor, third phase. Up to and including stipend. ALL HONORS AND CEREMONIES CASED UNTIL PAID IN FULL ATTN COKLECTIONS CW PC NEC CW SUCCKERPUNCH (FILM)“General Votel?” “For wasting this […]

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Sir. For you

“A screwdriver. And one you can drink.” The Makita not unboxed. Is across vehicles then, unrolling bars. Skinny black tie and cost prohibitive prison backdrop I insisted on never could prepare me. “We.” Three stacks of high society. Each, heads up for Taya “Goddamn Marines!” Then, coin toss for a mskeup apology fur “Language!” The […]

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I’m worried. Stephen!

“That I am going to smoke you,” he was off, “on this five mile, track round!” “You are on.” Two men. At their peak, nothing but steady respiration and sharp eyes. Somewhere around the four mile mark, a piece of debris offering a minor, negligible, hazard was grounds for something else. “Fucker, we goin’ spar!” […]

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A history lesson

“He did what? Dial Gerry,” said General Eisenhower, “thank you.” Of course he never dialed his own phone why would he? His Soldiers wouldn’t like it, anyway. “Get me a bird!” He proclaims, in a half-serious half-dark nonchalant tone which troubles no-one. KOREAN PENINSULA “Douglas. Douglas!” “You remember, when Patton took a leak?” They both […]

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Gray Props Fox one

“Alright. Sir! I’ve collated this in a manner accessible to me, or my successor, in-” “No. Hogwash!” “Where’s Director Gina?” “What part of National Clandestine Service do you not understand?” Think. “Ironsides.” “Go!” As I walked out the door, I couldn’t help but think my relabeled maps of the farm were more educational, and informative. […]

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Independence and

Two dollar bills cottonsynthetic fibers Henry Rollins and numb u2s broadcaster liars if I’d be given a choice between annotating a regret or striking a horrendous memory I’d pass on both and tell the devil may care there’s more on heaven and earth than enough for me butchering bard and mending fables there’s more to […]

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I socialized today. Like a normal, non-striking text out terminal lance person. Marine! I want to slay that Abe. Anyway, I thought that was a pleasant surprise, as my …bedside manner? Is that what’s its called. Sounds like somethings going to get fucked, by context. Jacobson’s Oregon’s flaring, so I must go, but I’m sending […]

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Taya Kyle. I don’t care about anything but you, sure my smackhound exaccountant Herb Thomas

Is probably nodding out, but I’d approve his hotshot any day, as he and his firm are guilty as hell of defrauding the Department of Veterans affairs and conspiracy to commit murder many, many times over. Why? Because “Alicia Salis” (briggite) and “elyse Salis” wants fifteen more minutes of fame I’m AM/FM Band. Broadcasters shove […]

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H JON BENJAMIN WAS OUR MAN NOW GOT NO JOB NO VAN! Or a Plan. -unknown platoon sergeant

“What are you doing here,” I said, “Sir?” “Reporting,” Barlow. GS-12, “as ordered!” Bill McRaven stood with the President. “I …wish Tyler and Jayson were here,” I offered meekly. With a sandwich. “I hunger! By your leave, Gentlemen?” There eyes. A question. “Room for five! Sir.” “Hm.” Then, Turbo? On the beam.

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Listen! Hear it. The sound of a bolt operating behind a suppressed deflagration of propellant

“It’s not like that. That’s how the teams work. Six? It can’t fail.” “Red Cell.” “No,” said Dr Jonny Kim, directing traffic, “it can’t fail. Because the planning and deployment stages don’t curtail but connect, end-to-end.” “And you guys are great.” “Yeah-huh,” an eighteen wheeler approached, turning left at the fork we stood in, “think […]

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Okay, let me think.

“Bomb it into oblivion,” said President Obama, fingers tented. “Yeah,” their suit jackets were off. “Tell the Pakistanis, then go get him.” “Yes,” the reply was terse, and excited. “Or, don’t tell Pakistan,” said POTUS, “and get him.” “Yes!” said Admiral McRaven. “You’re up for it? Your men.” “I’ll keep sending them!” “What else? “Room […]

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Firearms are American

Begin serving your peers with correct terminology. Not a shell, a cartridge casing. Bullet? Projectile. Wrist rocket? .50 ACP Desert Eagle. Which! The cartridge casing ejects straight backward, into the forehead. How much for a fifty caliber pistol round? Bop in the head. Now, for your enjoyment on the banjo, Larjo. “Ow! Christ. The genies […]

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“Message for you,” said the dapper Emglishman, “Sir.” “I’d uh,” said Lieutenant Kennedy, “rather not.” “But it’s your message.” “No. Thank you.” “Get back here.” River Patrol boats, to this Marines knowledge, are an extension, or descendant, of PT109? If I was aboard, I wouldn’t eat much. Clean it up, do maintenance. If asked.


Dearest Taya

Today, since someone as lovely as the sun, the east! Slayed the moon (it was pale) has been too me. This day. About me. Me! Me monster. As if never intrude your space and shan’t stalk without a permit and written consent, I’ll say that you are the terra based equivalent under the lone star […]

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You’re back in the Marines, now! And time, Pt. 5

“Sergeant. Sergeant! Don’t you eat that. Marine!”“Aw, he not gon’ eat him,” said Johnson. “Not raw.” “No bet.” “Why’d you run?” Run? Run! I did. From a water buffalo. “I wasn’t in a position to shoot.” “Crissy.” Criss did. Shortly. “Stood your ground. Wouldn’t have charged.” “Ground,” this story was one I was tired of, […]

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My dearest Taya Kyle, have you met my smoldering hot neighbor, Tonya?

She may be my twin sister. Now that I think about it. She’s beautiful, with long wavy brunette hair. And a fireman father with an axe!“Hey,” his father-in-law says, “stay away from my boys!” “Okay! Yes,” I reply walking by quickly, “sir!” “Where are they!” “Upstairs, on the rollercoaster!” “Oh, boy. Rollercoaster!” It turns out, […]

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Purchase “No Hero,” by Marc Owen, legally! Available at your favorite bookseller

Today, on “Fishin,” with Marc Owen “As you can see here,” said the host, Disvovery networks camera man puffing Jedi in shot, “the solitudes not the worst thing. Bears? Smith and Wesson .500 Magnum.” Marc Owen drew, and, putting a half-step forward on one leg, expended a single cartridge, in the weaver stance; cylinder rolling […]

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Now, the game can begin

In fact, it was his wife on the table. The longest laugh in recorded radio broadcast history. Taya. Goodnight and sleep well f ever there was green across from Idaho to Ohio then the white of the lunar soil across Commander Jim Lovell’s hopeful hand would be you, the better half inspiring up all unsure […]

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On Rogue Scouts, Leading

The Stanic Panic! That’s what the Honorable Donald J. Trump, President of the United States might refer to as “fake news” today was reporting in the late eighties and nineties. “Are cultists sacrificing your kids?” No! What men like Stanley Tookie Williams III was concerned was bloodsports. With inner city kids. Yes, he was one. […]

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“Extremely Horny on Sunday. Opposite Alameda Street”

“cowabunga?” “Strong indifference.” “Chevy Nova.” “Only in Mexico my friend.” Those four turtles, said Splinter, this idiot. He gets shot at, often! Tyler Grey. Jayson Floyd. And Jam Master Jay LeHew. “Master Splinter? We’re not party enter-” Those four Ghostbusters were Winston, this one smoking! Akroyd. One phone number Bill, and Navy’s Sarj mage… Dearest […]

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It’s been a long day. Sprint. I’m 35 single never married no kids disabled tax exempt; my business? Jo’ ass. I’m an

Continuity custodial delicious pics engineer.* “Oh ho ho! You pour me a jigger, on rocks, with branch water.” Said the elephant. “Did I ever tell you,” he trumpeted, contentedly, “about the real battle of ninja Hill?” “No.” “Hm. What about Son Tay?” “No!” I say, excitedly. This elephant is the baddest fucking warfighter I have […]

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Of men

“I’d ‘tweet’ this to the Chaplain Corps, but then twitter indexes me, the author, concluding, ‘he got banned for something negligible, years ago. TJ! Look at this free content to mount ads; mom.”

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Dearest Taya

I’m kind of a goof. But I hope you still tolerate me …as I bring a furious vengeance down upon sprint! And all arch telecom has brought against my brother for mind is vengeance. Which is lord’s! I hope -Robert Ps Telstar

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Good evening, Ms.

First of all! Never, Vice Admiral?He’s a killer, either way. Okay! Now that nitpickers are upset, and people who’ve worn a uniform are chuckling, I, hey! I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy. Better. Very well. Taya, I’ve been reading a fascinating book but frankly, after …uh, I have corn whisky that’s not only […]

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Dearest Ms. Taya Kyle

I awoke late for work today, and after a long meandering phone call to the bank, I realized I was unappealing and probably to boring for a lady as striking as yourself, so after kivkflipping I to my four wheeler, I caught a rogue wave here and wanted to say: I’m thinking of you. Also, […]

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The Act, passed with the intent of family units, at least a pair, living cooperatively and without prejudice

Quickly devolves, in Diablo Valley, to persons wishing to escape a spouse on rascals, not accounting time dilation noiselessly yet flamboyantly past on flat, wide, paved streets. Paths not fit for hand holding, and too hot for sneakers, to downtown where countless “service dogs,” saunter down, curbed but unsupervised on crescent drive. Loud with fleas, […]

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Taya, your

smile could light up any room. -RLB Dear Taya, I’ve still to work on back in the Marines and in time, and why would one care? I don’t for them, but still will work on myself, despite how cruel and callous the typical “internet” user can be, I was raised where monsters and crazy people […]

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Said and done. And I mean done. After. After the fact. Latebra factum. Too bad, for him. He was already dead. In a trench. Already those who should not be worship the silicone, and want for bigger networks. I just want those tits. My old man. He hated Zemeckis’ Back to the Future series. Why? […]

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Taya. Wherever you may be. Know there’s no rush, no pressure and no end of uneasily yet bountiful …uh. Patience isn’t right. Leering? No, no. I’m just not gonna ILOVE ALL THINGS PERSON OF HINKLEYS LIKE Goddamn Hinkley. Rich grandmother! He shot president Reagan. Not at! And killed a secret service agent. Still strollin! Well, […]

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A poem or three

Tigers a beer when far or near the yin yang is more than a circle a man needs an opposite not two drinks minimum tungsten silver gold aluminum Not only do I still think of you the ring is near my heart I hope someday you will be too

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Wyoming Tad

“Nothing,” I said from the drivers seat, to some [1.] kid, “is illegal. In the State we’re in.” “Then, we crossed.” Excuse me, I thought to myself, “Get down!” Loud booming, followed by a fishtail on the I-80. “Do you know why Iowa is the Corn Husker state?” They did not. “I-80.” The kid said […]

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Is stupid! Ladies. “By the time THROWN DOWN STAIRS “Ohhh, you in trouble!” “I’m Mike D and I am back from Club Dredd. Chilling with Scores and knowledge ahead. Sri Lanka is the Hamptons when seein’ red. 1991 I-” BOBBO Leonardo “Please.”

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Moth into the flame

“Now That We’re Dead.” Inspired! But Metallica is, like all heavy metal not about cartunes, is about precision. That first track. Fuck you! “Oh. Frank Dylan Daffodil! How dare you break mummies good crystal. Now, are you going to do well?” Okay. I was incorrect. In two thousand and seven. 54 days before my wedding. […]

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Ja. Wirchlich? Ja.

Black! Where is your bravery?” TMNT GERMAN POLICE [1.] “I’m conscripted. Master Chief. God bless UDT, they are a force to be reckoned with. 1st Rc Bn.” “Chevy Nova!” “Only in Mexico, and branch with highest minorities.” “Shell shock!” [1.] Call. “Hell yeah,” O’Shea Jackson Jr. “hell yeah.”

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Ant-Man II

Dearest Taya, I know. I’ve been angry tonight, in my neighborhood. August. I’ve still been traumatized by something other than war. As well as the Wells roavha Reynosa jarrod et el month. Is that callous? I’d bet sergeant major lehew knows. He could kick my butt. I want you to know that there is no […]

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Thanks, pair

I apologize. Yet again. I failed to take startling new photographs today, Taya. I hate myself. “Oui.” Yes! Stupid asshole a digital image I took with MY iPhone. Do you know the resolution or MICROphotography basics! It was not taken by my rear-facing camera today, though. Fucking pair. “That is not my name!”

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Tell on Melissa Tibbit’s daughter class ’01 Check Take a swing at Mutaqda Check Blow up truck in front of (the late) Gunny Check Get lizard key Check Down the greatest threat to Nebuchanzzer II Check Hit on sexy, sexy, Elizabeth Warren Check Seth Change name to Guy Incognito Not check Woman’s right to choose?

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The Depth of Bloodshed

I remember Najaf, Iraq. The officers handled it magnificently. I did not realize it until later. The worlds largest cemetery. “Stop screwing around,” said the Imam, in English, purportedly, “in my Mosque!” They did. Then an enemy militia had started a ruckus, and we had a little rustle in the then second-largest graveyard in the […]

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I live to be successful and cooperative. But only with you! Imma kill those other fellahs. Be right back! Muah Be back in a jiffy! Hugs! Be back in a jiffy! I’ll bet your hair smells sweet today, Taya. Be back in a jiffy!

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Photograph: “Being A Canadian, Brava Boys.”

by black. They all are, me! Your profession. Begins sans watch where Barack- Excuse me, ex-POTUS Big Girl’s sr. discretion ends with Sasha-M’s leisure. Nah, gap. Where President Trump gives a good goddamn. I. Just. Clowned. Him. “Have another,” he off-the-cuffs, “I’m a Nightowl.” I gear up. And see. “Pretentious!” “Outrageously, an image.” “HUA.” “Strong […]

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My tee time

There is nothing more goddamn frustrating than the mechanical caddy shack gophers we sold at Ace Hardware. “You’re alright! No-one is worried.” Maybe getting one of the golf course. Beavers, though, do more damage and restructuring to our infrastructure and irrigation systems than any other animal. “You go that way,” USMC, “son of a bitch.” […]

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Oh. Que!

Okay, whew. Taya- Have you ever noticed my format is not consistent? That’s because I am consistently pestered by, hold on. “Bugger!” ‘Bugger all!’ Okay, now that he’s gone. Wait. “Excuse, your boot is on my neck.” “My fault entirely.” “Thank you!” I have to go now, as for my format? Have noticed the abused […]

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Datdat.“Not only is this not a ‘warcrime,’ but every single one of you, and your brood will receive due consequence for harming the interests of the United States, and this young man.” -Unknown Officer of the court

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VII A Near-Miss

We connected up with a different special boat team, this one out of Mississippi. Their craft? They are simply exquisite at it. When you think of Neptune, you think of them. You don’t think men can slash across the seamlessness beauty, danger, and unfocused energy of an ocean until in their charge. Underneath the helicopter […]

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The Reaction Force

I The Fighters There was four of us. Myself, formerly of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Hector, one of the best long riflemen I’d ever met. He came from the 173rd Airborne. Then there was Victor. A 235 pound bear of a man who ate barbells and broke necks. He was a Chief Special Warfare Officer (SEAL) from […]

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Good afternoon, FLASH!

We are literally the fastest fllash(s). But that’s not the surprise, no, that is- Alligatortiger! Okay. Sorry, in swamps and jungles natural enemies, in closet or servers make toothy babies. I’ve squared to my Californian affairs. Now it’s a matter of bureaucracy grinding at reality, the structure built on bedrock should prevail. Something pleasant and […]

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On the Previous Post

I was too young. 19 years. When the towers fell? I joined. I had blind rage. I did not understand the complexities of the proxy war with the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. I did not understand the poverty of the region. The religious capital of the land, inverted with the property of the […]

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Dare we do it?

“Dare we become,” said the paratrooper of the IDF, “become an armed force?” “No!” Said his father. A short colonel, “most eastern teachings preach peace.” “Oof,” said a group of islanders, a sovereign nation. “Right in the Japan balls!”

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I remember the school of infantry. We were in a fighting hole. That we dug, and, I suspected, were about to turn into a fighting trecnch. “Hope for the worst and pray for the worst.” Don’t check the continuity, just yet, faithful reader, we’re still back in the Marines and in time. Eddie Routh? I […]

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Goodnight, Taya

Muah. I love your outfit. On Twitter. My wallpaper. You’re not a wallpaper! I mean wallflower. I’m still of the thoughts that maybe they photoshopped out your heels? Unless you were in platforms! I’m down for that. I got three on the gin, when that tonic drops.I’m wearing platforms. I saw line dancing in San […]

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There is no reason to be an active shooter. In Bakersfield! You’re screwin’ around. Stop screwing around, and percussive sound waves are misleading outdoors, stupid inside! There is no indication that shooting has happened, yet. Let us pray “Dear God, please bless any and all first responders on the scene, may the police need not […]

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The Reaction Force: Munich

DEAUTCHLAND “My name is Samuel,” he never ceased to astound me, “and I intend to leave. You are welcome to be accompanied by myself, and, if you so choose, him as well.” The trick. The John. The “Brother.” “Weebo,” I said, “Weebo, moving! We’re going to need Golf Sierra Windtalker. Fire for effect! And repeat!” […]

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They’re six and six

“We did it.” Reps. “An entire squad. Of course, those pilfered BSA from Dunn.” Grounder “Filled in the backfield. Sweetie? Ow! Okay. Okay! Fine. I deserve that!” Shortstop “I’m doing fine. Great! I haven’t [EXPLECTIVE] since I was a Boy Scout troop leader!” “Hey.” “Hi, Steve.” All I can think of is my shortcoming in […]

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Post Sprint

I’m certain a reasonable rate, nor putting me on the street while keeping the red card steady is in here. BILL: SCORE OR DIE, TRICK Childish humor and to the abyss the “green weenie” implying assault and easy to draw chrome sprint loansharking and a full tilt pokertable one NYT bestselling me under ghille hit […]

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One, two

I’m the Prince in frog princess! Oh. My. God! No-one likes that guy. Nobody! As I panic fall into slumber I think of how the next will have more conducive lessons to cuff and how this type of weird unrequited me and or her? Leads to something starts small then more than bald entertainmentus but […]

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Good night to you

And all the best twitter can have its birds and eggs and nests no this is not for you you skanks you Haworth you exes you Desiree you Waco let’s be frank I’m not the riddler or evil or like you tell I wear my heart on my sleeve and it is Taya in in […]

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The Padre

Dearest Taya from afar I know not where you are anything in the sky a human may call a bird even aboard CCR this is heard the say the USSSOCOM weapon is the SCAR and even though I think that is true I only wish to stay at home in the land of the brave […]

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Paternal Roots

Master Sergeant William Gowin. My biological, paternal grandfather. Ancestry dot com, my nuclear family, and the art community cares not for his service. I do! I’ve worn the uniform, and his is the same as great Uncle Cliff. Except, no. What happened most likely was: “Non-com, how are you?” “Very well,” said H.C., “if I […]

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Good morning!

Mystery and daggers and cloaks and fire there was a time where Marines wore no civilian attire knives and capes winds and slaughter the shots of artillery and a revolutionists crier the wealthiest and the pauper look at me and say “that’s a man taken spoken for smitten and of the sea” in this morning […]

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My lovely most wonderful

Okay, now, that all of the intruders are gone on my “blog,” I can tell you about the California DMV, Taya Kyle. “Oh,” said a man just now, “give me a break.” I’ll break you, I am thinking to myself silently while tapping this out. “I am sick, and tired,” I declare, in this narrative, […]

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Dear Mr. O’Rourke,

Since 2007 when I became a paying customer of WordPress dot com my sister-in-law has been conspiring with my nuclear family to murder me. -Robert L. Black 2018 Post-Script: I do have every intent of proposing formal marriage to the widow Taya Kyle once the warcriminal Hilary Anne Haworth is apprehended and dealt with accordingly […]

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Yes, I am

Out of my mind smitten with Taya (pronounced “Tae-Yah”) Kyle. Or, if you are looking for buzzfeed, I do not utilize that particular application. Ma’am“Hey,” said the friendly book, from my bag, “why don’t you read me? Half of everything is antimatter, and you? Do you want to be annilated (sic).”

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Dearest most lovely

“The widow Taya Kyle, know that the eyes of the world are upon me I do not wish that you plug me, nor would I doubt your acting is above glee, Anchorman 2 was supposed to be musical and Michael was the greatest dancer and see how I move proficiently hoping for limber to your […]

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From sea to shining sea

off the coast projecting power silently, I, Robert Black sneaking out the bow to see the glowing jellyfish in toe off the market from candace Clemons to the end I would think of my one, Taya Kyle, although I did not know her then After* two sailors (sprung from the decks the MA’s set off […]

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The season of the traitor

started midsummer this year the dream? A turncoat US Marine Veteran purportedly selling periscopes to the UK and swearing Superfan allegiance to loyalists and crowns via the Royal Navy. Possibly fleeing to Canada he is assumed eagle killer of freedom, and extremely opposed to the right to bear arms I’m Anderson Cooper and he …is […]

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Websites and pages

And secrets and laces, I am trying to not become the riddler and fully understand far off engagements Emeralds that are green and tusks that are white dominion over animals and men who know how to fight happy landings to those in flight and good morning to her, this afternoon, and her light

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Battlefield 2 Motor Engine Show Your Work Dearest the widow Taya, I have a confession. They did not hip-throw-me twice. They rolled me once, dragged me to the dead water of Martinez, California, then hip-tossed me into the surf. It was not chest deep but I was dazed when they throttled the baby in inches […]


The Naked Gun 33 1/3rd

The movie underway, Huey Lewis belts out lyrics from the song, “Hip To Be Square,” him and his wife of five years sit. Hand in hand, infant at home with a grandparent and or guardian. “…and I even cut my hair!” “That’s all I want. You, to cut your hair.” The man answered, turning to […]

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Green n’ White

Goodnight! The next morning around oh, say 0417 or S-O. Jiminy-gosh! “What is it expendable tadpole? Of INTERPOL’s elite antipedophile chomo treatment team. I nodded, sleep walking. Interpole. “It’s an Eastern Diamond back,” hollered expendable person, not an LPO for sure but maybe an Master Sergeant, “coming down the Miramesa Apartment home [1.] chimney!” 1. […]

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This is true

I’ve been “Engaged,” what is that! Not betrothed. I know, I know I’m not courting you, but honestly, I hope you enjoy this donewhat manic outburst of animal military complex fight or flight response, because you knock my socks off. Like hobbes No, I mean. I’ll be outbound until late morning, thinking with flashes of […]

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Dear the widow Taya Kyle

Let this digital documentation of both waves and photons be a reminder; all the silliness? The elephant and the unique-enough-to-pathetic-attempt-to monetize its none of that it’s a sheer cover atop an entirely to wonderful heated water feature in Marc Owen’s Alaska You’re the last thing I think and the first think I say each morning […]

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A Westermann!

“Cha-ching,” I hope she says, licking her lips, “presumptuous, though. But isn’t he handsome.” “Not to be too River Phoenix,” I say, “but it’s attractive of me to truthfully say naval combat belongs to the navy and his, H.C. Westermann’s, of the Death Ships, belong in a museum.” “And stupid” “Navy.” I say. “And naive’,” […]

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Stay Tuned

“Dad. I can’t get sucked into the satellite!” “Try harder, Robert. And it is a dish!” “She sure is. Granpa is here. In the peterbilt.” Interval. “Shee’s real fine, my 409! She’s real fine my!” “Okay, you knuckleheads. Into the shelter.” Do not watch teeved direct teevee

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That Barlow, what an actor!

“That was good work. New orders, for him.” “Yes.” “What is your name again?” “Commander Barrrrlloow. Chaplain Corps!” Cigarette smoke hung in the air. Salems. “I like you, Commander! You are much older than other commanders.” “I truly am! And I hunger.” “Hell let’s go to the mess tent!” 52 Area “Type one, whatever. Whatever! […]

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After studying

I knew, these men were signing their own death warrant, in essence. Next to them may have been land ownership idealism or even spite. I know my anger is fading and to be ever vigilant against those things which beset good men on all sides before they can stand before their better half, then, side-by-side. […]

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the bait you they berate you they know you are a veteran you ay strike someone but before then profanity, be profane! Yes now even though esl he must leave Poe ”I don’t care about that. And USAA says: covered. And? They made it real loud. Make sure you drop it on the way out. […]

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Photograph needed

Dearest the widow Taya Kyle, Rememeber, I have only the most purest intent, and am sickened by those who’d hold up these words as a mirror; or a parody. As soon as someone knows where you are going, they want to be where you are, as soon as they know you have something, they want […]

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Dearest the widow Taya Kyle, Good morning! I checked out the Veteran’s center in Concord. And I think I saw David Miscaviage. Again. I told a nice lady there that i was sorry for any mean hearted things i may have said in the past about him. Im no scientologist, but if you are? So […]

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CW HOSTAGE SALVATION was the man whom gave me the copy. ”is it good?” ”Yeah! Its a good book.” sign here, I thought, charmed, c’mon old painless is waiting to go down anyway! I essentially as you all know am smitten message is as follows Dearest the widow Taya Kyle, I registered as a non-profit! I dont have […]


11:42 pm pst

F*** you, strawman. If you’d examine the post WWII expansion and admit the expectations of mostly rural to mostly urban and suburban standards of living were vastly different in size and transitioning from farms to cities. The children’s value and division of labor, from operating machinery for a business, to vacuuming living room as a […]

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STAR TREK: PHASE II “Aliens, if identifying as such. Make it rain money! Cash n’ such, why not? Damn. Gene!” STAR TREK TNG “Our onesie is superior to your Class A U.S. Marine Dress uniform!” -encounter at far point (alleged) “Number one?” “As your executive officer, I have cumbersome, respectful feelings. For you.” “Troi?” “Nearly […]


Is she in space? Let’s have someone check if Miscaviage (sic?) -2 is in space

Dearest the widow Taya Kyle, I was in the rich part of the east bay, rigging web crawler in my favor, while enjoying the spectacle of wealth that is Walnut Creek. I thought I’d seen a face from a sixty minutes documentary. David Miscaviage (sic?). Nice guy! Kinda short. I’m no Scientologist, but I did […]

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Coronado beach, 2005

Hilary Anne Haworth and Aly have dragged Hicks and Black to an SEAL known bar. “Out of the way,” I said, walking forward, “sandals indoors? Hey! Move. Chest hair, not to be exposed, squid! Dress that line, Mister. Whoa, there are a lot of you. You’re on the ceiling!”

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