This Looks Legit! Paynow

To communicate to silicone transmuting information to intelligence once waves return to us preparing a path and requiting our knowledge to precede our march onto a shadow of what he has made our intent benevolent; our potential astonishing and our relentlessly out-of-context-to-scale timeline tempered by the peace held in every square meter and each atom […]

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Split Decision

“Mine. Chains. His. Airwinger. Flyboy. Mine. Mine, star and of course BlackJack.” NON-RATE BLACK RL LCPL SEA TATOO “Wanted. Fourth Regiment. Do you have whatever it takes to hang with Turbo?” Buckle up, shoulder mounted belay! Man-portable! Eavesdropper. Unmanned Nordberg. Locked on, with the bank bag safe, my personal cat inside, with me at the […]

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TRISTAR PICTURES SAMUEL L. BRONKOWITZ Non Anti-terror non-villain playlist to actual mission in some blokes kitchen, Dex making more than suitable beer holding surface, four Marines plus me, behind dog-tag making machine, Which is about cover, and surprising Margaret, of TMGAIHAA, where not only was her photograph radiant but word-to-edgewise ratio dreadful, on the apology […]

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Director John Wu: “10 percent Reacher, 85 jackass 15 hey! That droopy cartoon with cattle farmers? Propaganda.“

“Please,” said the JAG turned Warrantless, “your Honor. Allow me to circumvent the bench and approach. Via the dirty word, until the court is satisfied or dismissed.” Schwartz was big about it. Big as I was about the 187 knocked down on to General Article, then buried, with less than honorable intent and a big […]

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Dearest Taya, this morning

I’ve got to drag my ass to work, also, you may be seeing this for the first time! Or, maybe, it’s all been taken down. It turns out everyone is crooked and the government shutdown! Not supposed to effect Department of Veteran’s affairs benefits? Much warms and British warming units your snuggle bunny Robert

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What group is too powerful for even you to oppose? A. Saudi bin Laden group. B. United States Marine Corps C. TransAmerica triangle. D. Voltron, defender of the Universe. Killing with my Department of the Navy is like smashing a fly with a steamroller. That fly is dead, sure. But a whole lot happened between […]

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