By Black, Robert L. USMC

i VEHICLE (on) land From the passengers side, nothing but grit seen, grit in the First. It could be seen, past a shifter by way of a lapseated Zeuss crying out, alarmed, Detective McClane’s name while twin-state liquid ordinance mixed as MARS’l’oC’ed spear thrust into Venus, withdrawn hoverboard amid voice in the rear bellowed, “call!” […]

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I spent a night with these apes

Jelly, against his own medical, advice had a commission thrust upon and thus Jelly’s Jaguars seeing as they compulsively had found no cats and also gambled offduty canine-doing-as-pleases became Jelly’s Jacks We’re Better. As in “Of course they’ll pay for the bombs. For us. The whole Betty!” “Five minutes before we drop. Bet?” “Bet!” There […]

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