What! McNab. He was before my time

“He says he’s not. You do know him?”

Anaconda eater.

“Everyone does,” said the elephant, “he wants a row.”

“I read Bravo Two Zero. No-one leapfrogs watercans. Right?”

“No. Well! Real life R6 would have training casualties, Titis.”

Chris, an African elephant said nothing.

“You named me, weird. Eyeballs.”

I didn’t fall for it. Finally.

“It is.”

“Read something!”

“Right, you’re in charge.”

“I’m not your boss.”

America the Beautiful. He shook his head. Tusks and trunk. Tired. I opened the book.

“I couldn’t. Either.”

Transient interval, almost. Orders. His call.

“Go to the armory,” he looked up, peaked cap parade-ready. Full of salt, “get my gear!”

All right.

“Hey, Andy, you want I should turn that coat inside out now?”

“Not as nice as ivory! Mate.”


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