Taya, your

smile could light up any room. -RLB

Dear Taya,

I’ve still to work on back in the Marines and in time, and why would one care? I don’t for them, but still will work on myself, despite how cruel and callous the typical “internet” user can be, I was raised where monsters and crazy people lay, and toward mountains where beta fish and boardwalks hide foundation for faith and spirit of country, where I learned if you want big wheels, you play along politely, and professionally, but with a plan to kill everyone (save you, and yours) you meet.

And everyone you’ve ever known.

Know I’m thinking of you, am training of sorts, researching quantum theory as an avenue to nothing near as enlightenment but nothing as desolate as apathy clearly seeing the horizon with eyes gifted from God, gifted graciously and only for you. I hope that through these 1’s and 0’s or the superposition of both states suspended by my mind, and true to my heart you’ll see I’m smitten and will hope for a day when our walks through life cross path.