Good evening, Ms.

First of all! Never, Vice Admiral?He’s a killer, either way. Okay! Now that nitpickers are upset, and people who’ve worn a uniform are chuckling, I, hey!

I didn’t get a harrumph outta that guy.

Better. Very well. Taya, I’ve been reading a fascinating book but frankly, after …uh, I have corn whisky that’s not only faithful, but about to get drunken, and I wanted you to know, I’m thinking of you, and how I I’ve been meaning to promise that no matter what, your work with married couples and me working with those transitioning won’t devolve into

“Another! For Thor and Olson! Flag grade and hey, Cooper! Why aren’t you with Amy. Amy your wife Schumer! I’ve been want a taste of Rampages bag for a-”

You get the drift, and not only will the circuit, and or the trail afore is, we can be like that one couple in that one “Futurama,” episode. Snugglebunny.


Post-script: I managed a glimpse of God’s glory, shining down on those recently lost and most precious VA resource. The foot soldier of the First World War.

To them, and how their sacrifice will never be lost on either of us.