Goodnight, and a peaceful weekend for Taya.

It’s nearly midnight and I realized I let my enthusiasm for reading get the better of me, without reading anything? I’ve got your book, in the 2nd safest part of my bag, and, you know, people have seen me pull people out of that bag and I’m edging into that one so I picked up a sci fi author for later, one I’ve never heard of plus look what caught my eye! Andy McNab and on the cover an armed assailant. Him? An actor? I think it’s called “I’ll shoot you, yankee. Slot.” I remember bravo two zero.

“And once on land we leapfrogged with 5 gallon jugs. Leaping like frogs with water, large, amphibian like jumps, wet with fluid interacting with H20 in new ways-”

Then we stopped, too much ambient noise from tooth grinding, from TEAM -5 on Trident way Staff Sergeant said it was a skilsaw breathing through skin.

Again, for much later, did I say edge? I meant disseminating modestly to my lobe as there isn’t anything there that would discourage me, probably, and if so I’d verify first but the men on the back cover were very, very succinct on limits and! Wait. Did you smell something.

Okay, I removed myself from Facebook? As the account is a mess, but now I realize I’ll most likely remake one as Facebook has become the internet in the intervening.

Joint Account.

I wanted to say goodnight and good evening and I launched myself Twitter wise into space just to turn your eye and I’m uncertain if it was accomplished but will leave you with a recommendation. On how to pick me up. By Abby Howard.

“Mmm, yeah. Paint that wall.”

Now, Lil Wayne.

“Bird lives.”

Oh, God. No-one likes the Frog Prince Charming!

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