Listen! Hear it. The sound of a bolt operating behind a suppressed deflagration of propellant

“It’s not like that. That’s how the teams work. Six? It can’t fail.”

“Red Cell.”

“No,” said Dr Jonny Kim, directing traffic, “it can’t fail. Because the planning and deployment stages don’t curtail but connect, end-to-end.”

“And you guys are great.”

“Yeah-huh,” an eighteen wheeler approached, turning left at the fork we stood in, “think in spirals. Logistical ones.”
“Rotary wing is the one thing we have in common,” he continued, “and world’s greatest defense budget, second to one other in numbers, any high profile six mission-“

“Which draws from all teams! And has a dog.”

“Yes. Will not fail. Can’t.”

“Mean dog?”

“Continued pressure, atop relative supiority gained intially.”
“Big dog.”
“We have a guy for that.”

“Two questions. Where does this mission fall, and is this classified?”

“I don’t care. And I don’t care!”
“Hold on,” said CW MIA BLACKSITE, “a message. From JSOC actual and Bill!”

MESSAGE BEGINS: Air resources and satellite reconnaissance indicates Kim is in possession of a Saturn V. ENDS
ANECDOTE BEGINS: “Two Heads are Better Than One” by POWER TOOL