Taya Kyle. I don’t care about anything but you, sure my smackhound exaccountant Herb Thomas

Is probably nodding out, but I’d approve his hotshot any day, as he and his firm are guilty as hell of defrauding the Department of Veterans affairs and conspiracy to commit murder many, many times over. Why? Because “Alicia Salis” (briggite) and “elyse Salis” wants fifteen more minutes of fame I’m AM/FM Band. Broadcasters shove your 100 meter radios up your well laid 100 meter ass.

You idiot graphic designers. Yes, this photograph was taken today fuck. You. And.watermarks

this is what Audra salon end, briggite moyal, and Alexandra Eliza taught all the girls in the Bay Area “there’s lots of hot men with that name just co tract marry for dat split pay and at the funeral…uh-huh!”

By the way, this is from the Wells Fargo bank trying to fuck me, my charity, and my goal of becoming a part of yours, and your life, today.

I’m not found of Bankers, either.