Good morning, Taya, thought

I applaud your dialogue with the NFL Quarterback, and agree, Pat Tillman is much more applicable to such a campaign, even if it wasn’t just to move shoes.

I’d forgot about him, and I forgot how since it’s inception the NFL has been a rogue organization, I’ve already mentioned how I dislike the pink merchandise, as little goes toward cancer research or charitable causes, but what truly bothers me is a lack of commentary on Uniforms in broadcasting, flight or flight responses in athletics vs stress situation (is why don’t they stand still for the anthem! They’re going into a form of battle) and how sports, since the Nazi’s Olympics, has a great leeway with advertising as padding not as propellant.

Here me out: “Wendy” from Peter Pan is the first use of Wendy as a girls name in English. It’s not about never never land it’s about flight. Marksmanship is identical when rain as when racing frogs but if it is windy? Heavily compensated.

The nfl is a sport evolved by us, Ericans, to be played in all weather conditions whereas a rain or weather delay on baseball tells all those in a warspace aircraft may be grounded, it’s also broadcasted in a fashion to where, even with the replay rule, reality can be warped

See: the catch

I had pointDo not bother much thought on dumb jarhead meanderings, enjoy this image, given from God ever briefly and mimicking your own striking image ever slightly