Sir. For you

“A screwdriver. And one you can drink.”

The Makita not unboxed. Is across vehicles then, unrolling bars.

Skinny black tie and cost prohibitive prison backdrop I insisted on never could prepare me.


Three stacks of high society. Each, heads up for Taya

“Goddamn Marines!”

Then, coin toss for a mskeup apology fur


The Jetsuitex pilot had his orders and Dramamine, they were losing altitude into the drink; crashing. And sinking.


In time. When caporeg-

“It was comey and marv.”

Sweetie, I didn’t bother to vocalize Warcraft where we want and the moon once Kim takes cassidy in the fifth or ramdy pay country club membership.

“You got wip.”

“KKK has three-piece suits,” I said, looking at the first in person king cobra I ever saw, “huh.”

Fine, there was my shield and an ass chewing but if me and that kingsnake didn’t plmake it south of market by five?

“Hey, Darkie, you ever find your permit?”

It had no business being venomous, a ring finger folded and defiant.

“See it from this side of Alameda St.”

Ox. Where? Worf!

“Colt. Python. Elephant in-outside-jacket.

Donated by a bestselling author who lost a bar bet.

“Ohohoho! Me. Mayor.”

“Your better half.” Parseltongue.

“Three years in the Corps,” trumpeted, warning shots from the hip, “looks like you owe one-four.”

Shine on his trunk.

“Hey. Boy!”

No response, Hood light.


I was wrong. 75th.

“Tendons up top!”

“Stromg reiterate also, you don’t understand. That snake has never been outside nine square blocks. An OG. A target.”

“For what!”

Other Cobras.

Ah-1 and Harry Albert a ransom like that’d buy a fur and Raids for a week.

“I bet she’d spend time famously to Marcus’ Mother! Tending equines.”


“While I spend time with O’Neill’s Dad. Rob doesn’t have to be there! For a beer, or maybe Mr. O’Neill borrowed a friends car. A nice one! I’m not drivinv the big block.”

Taya had to admit. She was worth it, no, she reserves her humble like a book on a head atop a chair.

Where is Taya?