You like Shannon and Stan. One one the grass! Other trying to return to the van


I’ve got a wip to return to and everything has been too dark and too negative my family is workin’ hard to limit what alleviates pain and restrict vitamin c and to kill me those ways! But its not all bad. I think I got a little taste of fatherhood today, and whether it suits me or no, I realized I’m a sterling, pleasurable non-invading witness and I was in the neighbors driveway! I’m no peep.

“Dad! Dad,” said Shannon, a cutie who’s always been older than me. And that’s a turn on! Taya, goddamn you don’t know, “no. I’ve got to go!”

“Shannon,” said her barefoot father from the lawn, “come stand here in the grass. Real quick.”

“That,” I interjected, far enough to be cordial, “is your dad.”

“Dad,” smiling, guests can see, “no. Hookworm.”

“It’s her health. Stan.”

“Shannon,” patient, “it not a hookworm concern. I’ve been working comfort.”

“I does look it.”

“Dad! I have to go.”

“She’s pressed for time, Stan

Wip II dam