1990. Two gifts. Exchange student. Nintendo.

And something else under the teevee. We werent rich! But what the hell was that.



“Dad, these two cobsole fronts tell me something I don’t know, and this one. Jesus!”

Simon was looking for the cat, Pansy. And a sweater. What!

I wasn’t going to soil myself for numbers, twice or better, what!



Tooth grinding sound effects.

Simon found that cereal.

I didn’t care about titles, or business cards. Ram things into others!

Kieth Courage in Alpha Zones.

“Is this Japanese Rock and Roll?”

Of course. They laughed while my twochristmas neighbor Zac jacked to the cashin, trailer for Hook. I’d throw one later, him out with an Alto Sax but before that.

Simon, under a doorway. Me!

Time dilation experiment benchmark.

Humiliated little non-sword. Broke! Of course, the youngest, did I say Chinese? No, this aggression will not ride. Double down, simon, calling for that newspaper whistle.

Klaxon. Then a new idea consisting of this stage ending and another brother getting out of the garageloft, back into flared trousers and scuba googles for doughboy pool?

It’s code name.


It would consist of the most kickass english coworker dad ever had, me getting into Julian’s, and zac? He snuck into hook while simon has cuts contusion from Awesome Earl he deserved him.


Then, Simon was fine.

Hook was good. No private school.

“1. Dad, devolving scares me. A lot! Dad looked blank. Bob Hoskins and Dustin.”

Uncle Steve wasn’t going to regulate. One kid wasn’t going to not be done.

“They …a couple of Queens. Good ones! Running a ship with a lady in the boo box.”

Dad, well. What? Oh. Well if I had one at his age, he wouldn’t wait- Robert. Robert!

“It was a good movie. Son.”

He was there.

“You’re no Robin Williams,” he was there. For me.

“Jonathan Winters impression or no,” is he closing my beeper, that kid knows my coworker can’t read analog, “what are you saying? Stop that.”

I didn’t know a flipflop from 3.1 first, first aid after manual.

“Does this cat have rabbit feet. Simon’s not beat.”

Mom was smoking in the family roomdoorway!


“Martini. You.”


“This is how. You want them dry.”

“You’re damn right I want my Martini’s dry.”

Okay. Calvin’s dad.

“Robert you have to not hit Simon. So hard.”


Of course you know, shit!

“Dearest Taya, I wanted to write about something more consequetional, but as I wait for a phone call I ask myself. Thank you, patient person or whomever she designates, or cares to … you the bees knees and the next one is about.

You’re the teeth of Wild Tiger sleeping twenty and …well.

20 hours a day. Cat stuff!

Taya not lazy.

Oh, shit the dragon bit. Concord, interlocks. Tell her she’s great.

Then! Brb