When depleted disposed of properly, followed by the best cia movie post locemaking Wild 99 T cali style. cia movie The Great Outdoors. With bonus Reacher short: “How did Taya’s (me!) get kicked (out; banned, ejaculated from city paid community funding pre-public educational system [1.]) from Kindergarten?”

We took notes. Breaks.

No animals were harmed in the making of this Major Motion Picture. Including bears or red bears otherwise noted. No! Big.

Together, mom. [2.]

“That’s I lie and you know it!”

Rarely as compared to reds and yellows, but our mic’d cats with green od fur and springtime season when the smell of pollen is fresh as a low frequency bone healing purr only when a mans fancy turns to one may

Fire appears in nature only one way, via heat.

those close to him know he’s been made for his one.

“I do. I do! Somethings are worth dying for. I do swear or affirm.”

Sister and coconspirator car bomb. Aka took not valor, foundation. Exacasperated (sic) my body dismorphia. Stretch marks!

Turbos biceps. Big three, medical, assault, support.


Endearment, Labeltape.

NEC Removable Read Only Memory, + Honor, Commitment?

“How do we feel,” my boys aching, “about this one?”

No emotion.

Killing Floor: All New Short Story by Lee Child “PTB: Father of the Ruling. Say!”

I was hit. Bleeding out! Shit, on a beach. This ain’t Robert Baxter’s M.O. damn Higgins. Boat?

Full house beat. By larger boat.


I’ll suck a dick, blind. For a stake.


Deepest Blue.


1. Miley San Jonas

a. I am lying. Yah-hoO!

b. Someone, I hate you, fictional brick teammate, Paul Rudd, subject names genitals.

“Taya’s Mother,” Turbo, throwing bo’s!

c. Turbo = backup husband

d. “Interloping homewrecker, we going to roll.

We did. 5 mike round track opponent recon: BUD/s Instructor phase 3.

“Turbs? He’s scared. Okay! He’s scared. Because his opponent destroyed fifth Marines. The new one may not remit funds.”

“Yes, honey. My hot wife didn’t know. Didn’t show. Or was a saab. I was a Marine Officer.

Simon! That’s a good kid. Going to make good money! Not a lot. Good. Like me.

Robert, though. Total sociopath.

Both going to be huge. Bigger than Dad. If I can think.

Hm. No!

Chap 2

Robert. Too big to stuff into an aircraft. Ruthless for Frogmen standards, no love. Marine!


Very funny, Simon. I can’t get Robert. To sit still. But God, am I proud. As I was, God! This father is proud.

Definitive. Simon, methinks, shall-

“What. What!”

The eldest Black held out the note.

The man thought, how do I explain to these, my own, that I love them! Would die. For them. However, MY mealtickets

LPO’s tried to overimpress Non-Coms. The results were sexy gay badasses painting a bitched up Navy piece of property while the men inside?

They killed. For Cpt. Paul. And Paul had better ride their corpse to victory or else he’d be dead. Atop a throne of bone.

“Wagons East! Pond Hoppin’ to the realms.”

“Very funny! You two knockleheads. Again. Read aloud.”


Mom liked yellin’.



“Non-rec it for me, Dear. No story. Work!”



“That ain’t no muppet, nigger. Hey that’s a name.”

Paul was so proud, maybe. He looked to his senior staff nco’s. Hm.

“No racism. Boot camp! I will kill your children, one you designate aboard my depot. Additionally they are paired. But equal! Vote: 5/3rd.”



Some real nigger shit.

All six excused from the table, they made their way for worksexschool 1 room.

There was the enemy.


Eh, death. Before that.

“5 Bills.”

SO-1 Proud.

“Big Block!”

Chief Better.

Did not help, thought Paul, naming Robert after Dad. Car trouble? This links to birthship.

On the Battlefield.

“Master Sergeant,” he said, “I am having another child.”

“I am on the back 9.”


Ch 3

by your leave commo

CAST: key. Peele.

Spec thanks: rah

Janet’s breast

Michael’s note 2 Gabe

Whaley house staff


“needle scratch. I am ashy rude briggite moyal. I’ve got it! That super bowl equals basic bitches me and big al.”

“Word concurred.”

“No nigger! Censored. Your kids will thank.”