Don’t worry. Morons! Refusing to teach, Alex “Big Al,” Black and Bestie “Brig means Prison for Marines” Rohan-Daughter…

Terrorize my mother.

“Is he dead yet!”

“I’d kill him for that.”

“Why does Mom get to speak!”

Also? Extortion 17. Why stop. You both party hard. Girls.


Gremlin. “Grimm-Lin!” [1.] a gremlin denoting a mischievous creature that sabotages aircraft originates in Royal Air Force (RAF) slang in the 1920s among the British pilots stationed in Malta, the Middle East, and India, with the earliest recorded printed in the second World War, on U.S. currency when a “Dick Canidy, OSS,” aka one time traveling “Paul T. Black, n6bbz,” borrowed a bird from Granpa’s old air field with his bride and bolted.

“Does she sing too well,”
13 Aug 2018, “or too loud, my brother. In Arms! Will you speak for Meghan?”

It was rude to ask, they were a single unit.

“She sings too well,” was the specification, a dark biting critique of the educator dousing the pupils career, “percussive waves and acoustics?”

Chambers and numbers, delivering art that is ethereal, if one perceives, denying defining borders, if bean counters encumbers.

Interesting! Is he dead yet. Like Jesus, when his Father forsaken him.

Peter, upside down, respect at all angles. He was a man! A rock metaphysically, double dose of pain. Volunteered!

“The best to you, and yours. Grandson Harry. My father- in heaven!”

STOL. Inverted.

“I must make a career, sir. By bleeding my heart, on my sleeve. Like the commandant when he is disrespected!”

Gooched, certainly. Those Raiders! Huh.

All for Taya. Yes, she won’t demand continuity. Way! Say those basic bitches my Facebook doesn’t work my life is ending, wah! Why does Fox News pay for my celiac. Gas!

Pictured: Low hanging fruit. Devildogs presmoking joking

All. Yes, this is how I feel, when I think of Taya. Some things were worth General Article for. Low-Hanging Fruit!
Most Secret.


VERIFIED DR. E. SALLA crazy islander


VERIFIED DR. E SALLA, GROOM LAKE with new forward by crazy BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA islander

“Secret Service. Has your back.


“Correction. Secret Service has your back taxes.

Lousy Feds.

1. Grow bag. Yours! That’s how you say “Gremlin!” When your life is on the line. What! This footnotes aren’t proper. Count. Detail!

a. Juavas (sic)

C. Fire!