Here be dragons

“Come on! Come on,” communicated an inept, near-famished Komodo Dragon. “Come on!”

It wavered back and forth laterally and impatient, and as it gestured toward the crippled waterbuffalo was akin to a stupid giant lizard.

They all were.

“No,” said another, “we were in a movie. Let’s learn, and renegotiate! When camera’s off.”

“I don’t hear anything!”

“I know two things: the sun, and the light on the side of that camera. Still warm!”

Another, haphazardly affixed, yet somehow not sticky bioglued to the wall side intoned: “I didn’t know I could do this sit.”

“Stupid ass, lazy, dumb reptiles,” said a human.

“Look who’s talking.”

“You’re right,” the U.S. Navy SEAL, nearly contemplating stars, then settled for Commander, battlefield commission, chopped after the pump to OP-OD, probably. Hoo-yeah, he was that good, he thought, flickering tongue, followed by a pause, “cold. Let’s go!”placeholder://

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