Hey! Listen. I’m new. I need the shrink ray. What!

“I don’t have one.”

“I need it. Giant babies! Plus, the other guy you hired.”

“Babies who are 18, or baby’s first tax return?”

“Shrink. Ray.”

“Wait one. You!”

“Giant baby. Babies!”

“Babies that need a nap. Or babies that need to come and take a nap with me?”

“No excuse,” he said, muzzle wider as it was suppressed, hot, and wielded with grit.

“More Babies!”

“Babies that asked for it by as they dressed. Or babies who can’t say no?”

These. These hands are dexterous talons affixed to an eagle.

“Enveloping flank left! More,” he fell back, looking to wedge. “Babies, giant ones!”

“Babies with crotchless diapers. Or babies who go bareback?”

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