You’re Back in the Marines, now! And in time! Pt 6


Starring: Runia as Abraham Lincoln

“Who threw that. That table,” said Brass, “time time to throw! No.”

“No,” concurred the other, elbows tucked. Twisting his upper body in an aggressive rotate.

“Battle pitch.”


“Old fashioned way. Everyday.

“Half and half for $20 The Marine way.”

They rolled to a training evolution. I commentated.

“79-91 when Saddam transition du jour de facto simulate if intent was physically exiting Iraq, not political power.”

“…and an exit strategy,” said one, “guns.”

“The President of Iraq. Could not leave Iraq.”

“Out of the way, you,” dressed as chaplains, these young members of the Naval Service were like Bugs Bunny, hiding from sailors, “Catcalling them piece.”

Multinationals. They wanted. All.

“Chica chica chica”


I was rock hard. Estrada, though. A competent NCO. And just a Lance! He cared, but was a defensive artist.

“White Russians, yes,” he said matter-fact-be-cool-Mexican-where “every Liberty call. No! Mariachi Band at my wedding.”

Reyes said nothing. Corporal Bunder with deep, even strokes.

Pictured: Here’s Johnson. And Shades, of course.

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