For those boys, those Army Soldiers, who lay in Arlington, and knows the most sacred markers are on the Normandy beach, the South East Asian Jungle, and Embassys everywhere.

The word “Army,” and the very concept there of, belongs to the U.S. Army.

There are more things in heaven and earth than you ever dreamed of, Horatio.

However, any profession of arms will be and is forever associated with you, and your efforts every day to protect the U.S. Constitution and improve, it’s capital, it interests and, if you so choose, even yourself, perhaps into retirement where overall GDP of America, is hitched to your actions, past and present, and it’s social worth pegged to its values, by your square-to attitude in raising your children, and attention to tasks not ever menial but a gift, drawn from your valorous efforts and shared with each of us, in the land of the free.

That being said: Go Navy, Beat Army!

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