The Texas Rangers. One could argue they were the first Special Operators

It was a horror of civilization. In much the same way Goliath was multiply severe handicapped person murdered by the era equivalent of a firearm, Quannah Parker’s mother who, as an orphan, and before his birth, was reunited with family and paraded about as a traveling show that was To display the victory of the settlers way of life.

The Texas Rangers, young hard Texans with suitable kit set out to find a way of relative superiority in the smaller numbers of both themselves against the Comanche, and the unwieldy units of regular soldiers.

Staying mounted and weapons with rifled barreling, tragic loss of culture, tactics, and wagers on horsemanship.

Ps. i read “Its good to start the day with Texans,” and thought would a President ever say the same of Californian’s unless we embrace our numbers and unifying diversity i.e.

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