Good Night and pleasant Sunday Morning, Taya.

There’s a Force. A speed force. It’s calling me home. Also, “it,” as in “Sprint,” and or “Arch Telecom,” is defrauding this humble service connected disabled Veteran, and won’t buy fastest flash dot com, and is doing it’s nest to steal the domains and WordPress, Automattic and anything else I have to try and appeal to your Father’s political side with currency and respect…and maybe 30 stacks of high society.

Swift, Silent, Deadly. First Recon Battalion Association.

Any unsolicited donors eager at my back trail, remember I am a steadfast republican so think of Governer Romney, not Muolton. Sara Palin not Elizibeth Warren. Then, I’ll sweep the author of American Wife off her feet, over the tallest salt lake building! Well.

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