In the event of my death or disappearance Alexandra Elza, Briggite Moyal and one Candace Clemons, all single, only one married with two dependents, who is not only not my wife, not married so far as I know, but I, Robert LeVeck Black, have no intent of marriage with any of the three, and they are not permitted to legally utilize my surname, legal address or estate,under any circumstances in accordance with local laws, State, Federal and Tribal regulations in all 50 states and abroad.

Those aforementioned are not permitted to utilize my likeness, my photographs, photographs I’ve appeared in and any combination of audio and motion pictures thereof that I’ve owned legally and or appeared in as well as the congregation of Hope Center, the Covenant church the pacific covenant church or any combination thereof.


I apologize for any and all outbursts while abroad station and ask that you remember my intent is to further the interests of the people and aims of the United States and defending it’s constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, typically in the field. August is difficult for me.

I will never, ever forgive the Department of Education for this.

They will learn.

I am a Global War on Terror Veteran. A “Fallujah Marine,” which is a silly moniker for bureaucrats.

Najaf. Battle of the Dead.

Given in my hand, in the year of our Lord

Robert LeVeck Black, USMC

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