Jokes will have to wait. Twitter rejoin in 3…2…1

“Tell me more,” said JSOC.
“Well, sir.”
He didn’t know how to begin.
“It malfunctioned. The Poseidon Arch.”
All dead.
“The point of that section. Others will be along.”
“Mo, sir. Double-oh.”
“Boy, we are dark.”
“Ring it, ringley.”
Once annapolis had finished their gooch, we went as Marcinko, selling grenades in the stands. We were decidedly not dead abd the USS Wasp?
“I will fuck you for Raid.”
Three. They kept walking.
“Hey. Ocology last night,” sailor, “yarr!”
Laughs. Then, photographs.
“‘Shopped,” Hector stated plainly.
I was being an ass! We were. We stopped like a vaudeville show, awaiting an answer. The sniper mimed shaking hands, then left his knee elevated and quizzical.
Nothing happened. An audible buzz and the heavey footfalls of Victor’s boots, which did not stop. All the way to a boat hanging portside assailant in hand and or tow

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