The Political Machine, why care, methinks …

There is, or was, a charming little community sub-continent of India way. One complaint went across the board.

Too many snakes!

That ehat fell eve, Bonham’s bain, Potterhead camdy and ermot 65+ pleasers. The solution? A simple bounty paid per dead reptile.

Finally, the populace says, now, I get to farming and ranching snakes. Where the big bucks are.

The town, city hamlet and or shire prospers as the legless resort of choice for animalia subjects of the crown. His majesty God, though, sees fit econmics still remain acedemucallt elusive, at the highest most ribbed levels.

No more, say the government, no bounties on snakes.

Finalky into the yardThats why, you know me as law enforcem nt, but i will know you as faithful constituents hood light!I do not know the precise location of this place. Why would ask. Would you!

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