The Names have been changed to Protect the Innocent Pt I

Dear Taya, Please forgive me. If it was you at the Seven 11 (7-11 store) I’m always a human first and Hyperion
[Shoo! Damn troglodytes.]
I love your photos.
-Robert <3 Taya
Post-Script: Unfortunately, Homo-Sapians Hyperion is my internal narrative for the Congressional Space Medal of Honor.
Strong of heart, bright as the sun, men and women of the National Aeronautics Space Program, and AOPA.
Also, until my VAMIC is returned, I am not less than 3, simply Westcoast Warlord, Black. Blacker than the Dark Knight. And not legally, or fiscally, daunted by a 187.
By me beer!
Jerry Rice!
Lookit, Jerry. Run! Ronnie. Nice, throw! Heh, chickenback. Who cares! Lets KPIX eat. Lott your real name? No, WASPs forget that. MLK Jr. was not one to be trifled with.