It’s the emotional charge.
You can always tell. When you look up. You can see it, in the designs of the ceiling lights. Sure, you can talk about how human beings are designed to see something shining, to find clear water, or eveolved to taste salt.
“But the east bay,” I mutter to myself, “that’s where they’ve laid the keel.”
Keelhauling, by the way, which is strickly forbidden until you are ahoard the vessel, is a nonsense way to cut me off. So is sending kids to the mall to look up.
When a town, a community, a whole netropolotin area, says “HEAVE!” pulling on a weaved rope thicker than you’ve ever felt, and years later realized it was on the wrong side of a pachyderm, then you can tell me what for.

It takes thousands of people to create a major motion picture.

But only those who know of the Officer Enlisted divide can tell.