I’d get her coffee, then? Ask if the corporate board would not press charges or wanted them

I will be as crass as I care to decimate google’s Babel fish from Trek II and as vulgar as I want to teach parents animation is neither norture or nature and polygamy is no substitute for clandestine traditional love in the divorce prone world this “app” developers have made in lieu of successful hearts in savage states terible’ dreams and babies! Inbound.

“Babies, they. They Go down, or third! Home?”

Giant. Babies.

“They plan for parenthood, or demand it, no knives. Responsible homeowners; safe. And reloads from neighbors.”


Bitches moans complaints. I didn’t know.


He was known for jazz and he could park his own on, or over the Rockies.

“Jesus,” Slippy, Peppy, Vacation leave, UA, “Swingly! I didn’t get the job, but you did. CFO wants to buy! You.”

“Yup, He even named you.”

“I have a name.”

“Bankers hours. Job.”



Broken links about his neck and shoulders.

“Yes,” Uh, DC Talk, “Yellow dog, scout.”

“Job with maternal leave plus twenty, or paid paternal plus spouse insured sex worker.”

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