Telstar: communication, at long range. 9-iron? Yes, sir.

Stonewalled.It is against the to move cart off property collect rainwater oakbarrelmankong. Oh! Shiiiiit“I asked for my wedge. Caddy! A door stop. What is this, Korea?”

They knew love.

“One of you weren’t Business. Watch, ring, C’s. Degrees.”

Can do.

“Polygamy sells adspace, tailhook pardon. Who cares if it gets them what you ‘like,’ it looks good on a resume and a break. Even for what teevee made. Like my putter.”

Green. Green. For me, no.

“Where is he going! Hey,” not yet, “beware that baitbus of a religion. It’s great! But surprise, they asked me from a phone by their hotel if I believed in a God.”


They were.

“Of course! But just getting to the lot, Ronnie said don’t take it but a ride to, ‘Invadian, talk deets.”

Mosiquto flies.

“Bounce. Technically.”

Green grocer. Not marpat.

“Huntsman. I was leaving the grocery store. Red and orange! Van.”

Laughter and the light from back sound check.

“Kirk Hammet. Robert Trujillo. Leaderman Burnie. And wouldn’t-know-waffle-iron-from-rackets-and-skins.”

Lars spit. And we rolled! In the end, we exchange information?”

“Third Reich was a runaway parade. Parades should be.”

It. [1.] Rung a bell?

“And to resist the Abwer?” Lars said, letting me question aims then and now.

“That. Is a good name for a boat.”



In the end we weren’t that guys bitch, and my Deutschland was sub for DDR and talk. Unintentional!

“You want to buy a kid.”

Cecoon. Fell for the sting. Hoisted dropped on thorax cap.

John. Warm-up. Now the mark of a good artist or ensemble recording atrtist or artis.

They sound not only “good,” by nearly identical to Compact Disc. Live.


Camp Justice, swing at Moqtada, then a nosh followed by 9; Moqtada.

1. Inhalants cocaine heroin, of course! Meth is cheap overeverything and cocaine to getyour bell rung.

“These three Naval Officers and their Marine Corps. Boss think they can barge into superadmax on a dare! Too bad they’re on World’s Wildest Police chases.”

“Thursday, Vengence rolling bluestar.” Crooned Fox.

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