To the Heroes of the HMS Triumph May your war games keep us in peace; reality

I’ve been out from under the flu, and wanted you to know: it’s an inoculation I paid for out of pocket because most deaths of seniors and without insurance caused from one of the four strains of influenza, and it is something the VA is stern about.

We choose when you die.”

I fell asleep watching “The Head That Would not Die.” MST3k


He is at the twenty! The ten! No-one will stop him.

I am thinking of you, and how to get that good good ghoudah cheese, three stacks of high-society worth, to better ambush the mayor of Salt Lake City with Funds, a genuine curiosity about Latter-Day Saints, and Voters turning our NorCal via Lincoln law for more opportunities in Utah whilst holding a makita, roguishly. Back to back with Gov Romney, Seth switching across the aisle after an epihany, and fatherhood. “To My Brother Russell, Whom I Slept with” playing on Phonograph.

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