He was once said to have “Come into the position of [DCI #11] under questionable -nonsense! The question was when do we commence work

The youngest Naval Aviator rescued? I’d wager he know the fear of God put into one and many secrets or ultimatums did what he believed was right for the Nation and owned retirement.

Nothing endeared me more to his legacy than politely wonder if his wife’s name, or his shorthand for it, God test her soul, “Bar,” brought comfort as it did to those with one wielding the weapon and endeared with a life partner to double the pace against inactive mindsets on the heels of interest and “good” ideals coupled with frugal sense

“Utterly out of context, and pas the more senior legislators, I narrated while wishing the Congress many returns and the most Merry Christmas, from my family to ours.”

“I’ll ask once. Was it a far fight?”

Two seasoned animals lay in the street, seen from the common drinking area.

“I swear, Robert. They would have killed me.”

Reagan spoke in quotes, and was a Naval Officer.

“Andy. How could I doubt you?”

A camaraderie sound, not a handshake or slap, but vest muffled embrace.

“Sergeant McNab, the honor lie with you and the realms.”

Knives started legally discharging into the air

Detail rolled up sand Secretary Bob announced“Wheat beer and Jaegermester for this belated hunting party.”

Where was my continuity


Hi Taya! Surprises sooonHUDF

“May God grace you with the divine for curiousness, and his reflexes for the venture, NASA”

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