Silent Stories at a buck, fifty decibels DOLBY 5.1 THX am/fm radio ISSUE 01 of 03

“Hey, you are listening to KFRC. And the man, Rob Black, and Simon Bee, have perfected their aneroceter.”

Dad. He looked up.

“and those two? They are closer to taking over the world than before, Chief.”

Jay, his Assistant Chief Engineer, at KMEL 106.5 FM opened his elaborate black, all leather trench-coat with a flourish.

“What are you selling! Hah-hah. Thank you!”

It doesn’t matter what came next, deadpan.

“One thousand dollars. Jay. In the year of our lord, nineteen eighty-seven.”

My father asking for a thousand bucks from his subordinate is a way more gangster way than you of saying “Scotty! I need something to murder mychildren.

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