Non Anti-terror non-villain playlist to actual mission in some blokes kitchen, Dex making more than suitable beer holding surface, four Marines plus me, behind dog-tag making machine, Which is about cover, and surprising Margaret, of TMGAIHAA, where not only was her photograph radiant but word-to-edgewise ratio dreadful, on the apology page, whilst Milton, after a painful legal battle stuck in traffic -you don’t have to be own an auto to be gridlocked- handfuls of smoothly yet comfortably rotated underarms sliding or becoming fulcrum across linoleum; only me Jayson’s purported sister and Skip’s; smooth, AC and or chunky jif central air.

BLACK R.L. CHRISTIAN A+ USMC /0311\ “John” LIL W aka Tunechi |Dex, parlor, LeHew Candlestick, Knight’s Arm a