I had a vision, then, a pleasant dream

“One, where a living MLK jr. read a newspaper and chatted with Me. Samuel L. Jackson, and another, not scolding their ways but plying their deeds with curiosity and tempering their path with Christ’s values,
“And if not having achieved that dream, the Reverand Doctor, he would not dismiss that we have not forgot the value of strife nor exchange of empathy to what is noble
And the best in us all; as we mediate the suffering of any; all against evil.66C56022-A03D-4C28-BDF8-82DB6282EC44

What do I know of oppression? Or freeing those in famine. Or being a Champion
What do I know of excluded out up to death. Or being a champion?


Then, two weeks or so after the snake bite, I fell asleep to find myself in the film “The Sandlot,” cast as the lifeguard smiling pleasantly with moderately oversized sunglasses, confident there were no small actors.


a Visit journeys aka tha quirkster

b Shop at Spencer’s for electric ball-machine that makes hair stand up! On end for quote.

c Read Time and or NY brief before Cosmonometer conference call

“Now, flush with cash, Navy needs to fix itself, fast.”

d Accept promotion OR

e Yield to the Emperor, @ work or lunch via his divine conduit, Cosmonometer.

f Gnosh

g Flush (unrelated Congo) corpse; tip, as well as honor law enforcement as Mike Jones does.

h Broker ISIS peace in Syria OR

i Death. For me certain, aye, and all serpents until nightfall!

CHILLYWARM says aye, beastie but play with my food I don’t!

Last but not least add on to Mikey Tyson’s astounding legacy with the moniker, “Headhunter? Hell!”