Sir, no! Did you get a hair cut. What’s with these bodies and new lake

img_0083-2Defiantly biting down, slamin’ Sammy occupying both buckets and a .30, two, boot one plunger thrust the anabolic the other, Earl Ellis leadfoot pressing down steady, alarming consistent, to the floor board 13-Colony pedal atop accelerator, throttle ordering a carb to dump fuel into a thirsty Lee, like a capable Grant; wet, in and on the buff; Private.981BDA30-42F4-499F-B3DE-85B5251ED911 Needing a pump, the first Commandant, as he dropped his Christian name entering the notorious LA gym, beach, or Private Residence, knew there’d be two battalions of Marines, just as this General was once Major, now Lieutenant to four, once more: monk to monk seeing red, and hot pursuit of Nazis scarlet treasures and Japanese Equines, native and proud, grazing bamboo and s stomping across the tundra of mainland.