By Black, Robert L. USMC

i VEHICLE (on) land

From the passengers side, nothing but grit seen, grit in the First. It could be seen, past a shifter by way of a lapseated Zeuss crying out, alarmed, Detective McClane’s name while twin-state liquid ordinance mixed as MARS’l’oC’ed spear thrust into Venus, withdrawn hoverboard amid voice in the rear bellowed, “call!”

ii SPHERICAL (in) air

Be warned, Oberon May got to war. Yes! What fights comely much more than you, he is a King. And may choose the warpath to wings!

iii (at) SEA

Welcome. To my Officer’s Candidates School. Here, you will learn how Marines, trained by you, may be applied to their fullest extent, faithfully, just as Doc “Emmet” Brown did in “Back to the Future: Part III” specially made Presto-logs, crafted and thrown, eager in spirit and some in purpose to a fire you made!

Dont you worry, Ladies and Gentlemen, they might like it in the furnace!I am Earl Ellis, and this Corps. by Lord God in Heaven has blessed me with every fiscal, punitive, legal, moral, and physical part of your ass with every confidence there is starting from right now, to further-notice-by-way-forevermore until you are! Leaders! Of! Marines!

Yes. All of you, now aboard, but by no fault of mine or, or foil, hit trunk, not earth fissure, by yours or any shaking knees then terra firma indiscriminate will throw you of God or of your own tasks, assigned therefore vulnerable to human folly which possesses us all to a degree and detested by Him, in it’s entirety! Resulting in a curriculum and expectations creating ballast.

Awesome Earl in Skate Rock

This means you will biff it here! Rest assured, I will Biff it with you, as well! Until correct. Or hanged high, bronzed upon shore, in blue, or above, or on, honoring a wall or a new, taking each; as we are now! All!