Remember. To forgive us all for spacedogs. Seriously, the American public screwed the …you know.

To communicate to silicon transmuting information to intelligence once waves return to us preparing a path and requiting our knowledge to precede our march onto a shadow of what he has made, I know we will liaison with our equals in aspiration and scope, than compartmentalize whilst making our intent benevolent and known, and in reciprocation you may not convey our potential astonishing but our relentlessly out-of-context-to-scale timeline, which tempered by the peace held in every square meter and each atom by faith, unshakable, indispensable and unanimous, that any knowledge gained is to be used for anything malevolent, to oppose it, outer darkness may be defeated, all hell may be beaten back, and every man and women recollects Lucifer and know his counterpart had not hidden the fact one once his favorite and the other?

Ours. Eternally.

March 2019