To Those of The Yellow Vest Movement

To those of the yellow vest movement.

First, Green and Gold. Also, your Eiffel Tower is the monument of all monuments, nothing compares to it. Remarkable, you know this as fact, taking flattery with disinterest I’m pressing times no-one else may relate, or even find capable of empathizing with.

Your Large Hadron Collider at CERN? Eh, frightening to comprehend and perhaps the just, you, punishing the serpent which preyed on Eve.
Figuratively? Literally? Who dares.

Macron? Not the greatest soldier to ever live, perhaps, but rather a man today, not going to war with an Army army of bureaucrats opposing any progress for intransigence sake or personal gain.
I plead with you, tear down not your precious heritage there for leverage, but appeal to those with means here, across the Atlantic. Plead with those with capital through being earnest, and they may invest in what could correlate relief. There are many.

Do you know what is an emergency truly is?

The Marines of the Wood did.

The Marines of 1/5 do.
The great Flag-Grade Officer, strategic thinker, and farsighted tactician Du Gaulle did.

Perspective. Faithful perspective. Resist evil, as you always have. Light will conquer.

Green and Gold. For the Legion.