I Will Fear No Employment

“Hello. Hello, Black! Robert?”

“Here! In here. Tying these down a snotch.”

“Are you fantasizing about any number of English popstars or adult actresses?”

“No, Jessie J Taya is Juliet Jaden James. Oh! They’re all J’s! I get it, now.”

“Uh-huh. And you are aware you don’t work here why are these men tied down?”

“I find that each Special Warfare member, like these, intoxicated or sloshed, is like Bob from ‘Batman (1989)’ they don’t say much! Even when polluted.”

“Tighter,” offered one.

“Sliding knot?”

“Like trout!”


“Unless you want to release.”



“And you intend to watch?”




“Bob [1] shouldn’t have got in the boss’ way. Bob 2.0.”

1. Socks