I was busted out. KQ suited over the Kim-Cassidy cocktail. AA.

“Winning the WSOP with what will always be known as the Kim-Cassidy-Grand Wizard- Lincoln Clay riverboat cruise!”

On the other Sony UHD 65, was a fictional character, one-lining amid poker cheers early morning, this Thor’s day.

“Big Easy!”

“Why would he do that! Lincoln?”

“Its CIA! Don’t fuck with it,” said Lil Wayne.

“From now on! You people? On ground gyrocopters.”

“Jet powered.”

No question mark.


No questions. TSSCI or bidding buddies?

“You can navigate post-arrival of your destintion.”

“O-2 Buttdarts?” Benjamin, dropping his Levi’s 501 to down, “no.”

Topdown shifting balls! Non-tortusion exchanging whole blood for plasma!

“No,” he said, from his apartment, with the jeep parked in the alcove, directly off the kitchennete, “this felt real.”


Driver’s side wheel rotating slowly in the breakfast nook.

He was nervous, sir.